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...P sure I spelled that right...

Now I know the jury has finally made a choice, and I know that you can now read the 4,000 page script for the thing and all that stuff. This may sound super snooty, but I'm still really tied (I should be doing other stuff instead of writing this tbh xD), so one of my friends said she's gonna read it. Imma let her tell me all about it for me when she finishes. TwT

Ok, first off? I'm pretty much NOT giving ANY eye witnesses much notice. Eye witnesses are pretty much just hear-say. Forgive me if I like video evidence to back up what total strangers say they saw happened, but I do. So if anyone is hard-core about depending totally on what eye-witnesses say, you may as well get out and/or stop reading now, because I don't wanna hear a bunch of crap about how I'm "supposed to listen to them."
I take them into consideration. I don't fully believe all of them. People say different things happened, so I think I have very good reason to, and as far as I know there was no video taken of the confrontation Brown had with the officer.
However that doesn't mean they are all lies or anything, so yeah if what they say really was what happened, then I agree just as much as everyone else about what's been going on. (Minus the riots.)

So let me paint two scenarios:
Pretty much what everyone is saying, is that the cop saw Brown, drove up, harassed/confronted him, threatened him with a gun, and then shot him dead, then claimed that Brown attacked him and made himself a victim.

HOWever, I don't care how mad people get from me bringing this up, I have to point out:

Now I'm sure Brown wasn't the most horrible kid on the planet or anything, but this is flat out stupid behavior. And people can get mad all they want, but it is the JOB of the Justice System to look at everything someone was doing minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, even YEARS before the hour they died in order to figure out what happened. So don't get angry at this and then turn around and say the Justice System isn't working. The Justice System IS really super flawed, don't get me wrong, and I'll even say that the cop shouldn't have gotten off scott free (well I know he wasn't given the punishment everyone wanted him to get, but for all I know he may have gotten something thrown at him. I just haven't heard if he has or not yet), but as far as THIS goes, yes, the Justice System is doing their freaking jobs. So make like a hard-drive, and back up for a few minutes, here.
Brown DID rob a store, and the store DID call the police about it with a description of what Brown looked like. The cop DID hear it and respond to it. So we can get rid of the whole "he just saw him minding his own business and threatened him for doing nothing but breathing air" crap. That's a bunch of bullshit. However much you may not like it, the cop was doing his job.
A cop? Doing their JOB? Gee who woulda thought!!

Now as to whether the cop didn't confront Brown nicely about the arrest as at least a suspect or not, I don't think we still know yet. We may not ever know that. However, if a hospital or the police have records of the cop being injured (apparently he had a swollen faced from being punched as they claimed, though I'd still like some pictures or files from the hospital he supposedly went to to get looked at), then Brown was obviously not being exactly all that polite to the cop.
Again. However much you guys may not like it, and however nice Brown may have been and I'm sure was as a general person, in this particular incident, he very well may not have been. People do dumb stuff when they're scared.
However I have no doubt that it got settled pretty quick, and the cop got Brown to turn around and put his hands up.

Then there's some speculation as to whether he tried to run, or just stood there and the cop shot him, or if he tried to run to the cop car to look for a gun/weapon to use on the cop.
If he tried to run, the cop had no reason to shoot. (Unless his intent was to shoot the leg or arm or something to only INJURE him and stop him from running, which is what he should have done), if he was just standing there, the cop had absolutely no reason to shoot at all what-so-ever. If Brown really was trying to get a weapon, again, he SHOULD have shot him in the leg or arm at the very least. 
In my defense/opinion, I think the cop should get fired or something, even if it's for a while or whatever, and really be taught hard core again about freaking gun safety. (And not be allowed to have a gun until he gets another job as a police officer, if that ever happened/happens.) Even I know that you never ever open rapid fire at someone with a gun when they have their back to you, or are running away. That's stupid and irresponsible. The only time you open rapid fire on someone is if they are facing you and intending to hurt you, or if they're facing you with a weapon/running to attack you or whatever. (And of course if they're facing away from you and running to hurt someone else.) So, yeah, that was stupid, and the cop realizes that I'm sure, but regardless that doesn't mean you get away scott free. Mind you, I don't think he should get charges for murder or anything, but SOMEthing should be done to say "hey that was dumb don't do that wth."

Now as for the peaceful protests.
Even though I feel/felt as though people need to chill out and wait to know all the facts before deciding what really happened (cause Idc what people think or say, that's REAL justice!!), I give a HUGE thumbs up to you peaceful protestors!! You're doing it good and are doing it right, and the police that are giving you guys ish need to go back to grade school, cause they're just messed up in the head.
And any popo using the RIOTS as excuses to give all these people a bunch of crap need to go back to grade school as well.
Also, that IDIOT who drove the freaking CAR into a crowd of people?!!! Literally go to hell. No but actually just go to hell I don't care if they are being violent or not you don't ram a car into a crowd of people!!!!! There is no justice or right cause behind that action you did and I hope you feel the bite in your butt good and hard because of what you did!!

HOWever, as for the riots?
Look people, stop glorifying and justifying those. Peaceful protests and riots are two very different things, and EVEN IF YOU DON'T LIKE HEARING IT, the news does NOT always twist a peaceful protest into being a riot. (I admit sometimes they do, but not every single freaking time so, again, calm your panties.)
And as for the RIOTS, all I have to say, is pretty much what this guy says about it.
Preach it, man.

Also I would like to point out that out of the many places the people rioted, one of the places they looted/burned or whatever was their own community center. 
........People freaking WHY????!!
Another place, was Cakes and More, owned by this lady, and HOLY CRAP a person from FOX NEWS is actually the one helping her get her funds!!!!! Who woulda thought the news could do nice things like that, huh? T~T
Seriously people, it's time to stop being so narrow minded.…
Please support her!!!


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You are Sebastian Michaelis; the demon of the crow; you are very calm and always knows what to say at the right moment. You try to take a liking to everyone around you, even if they dislike you. You love cats, because they are subline, and have soft, silky fur. You are truly loyal, and will follow or help anyone in need; more importantly your master. You would never betray a friend or hide something from anyone, but will stay distant from those who are annoying or... jerks. When in a exceedingly hard situation... you will resort to desperate measures in order to reach your goal, or for any others. You also enjoy a variety of activities.

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