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Commissions are currently: OPENED
*See: Commissions!!! Journal for information and rules BEFORE requesting a commission.
I will ask if you did.
Sketches and color sketches
Loki dance moves by GodsGirlRachel
Loki paintings by GodsGirlRachel
Levi thumbnails by GodsGirlRachel
Mergirl by GodsGirlRachel
Catch Me When I Fall hands 1 by GodsGirlRachel
Catch Me When I Fall hands 4 by GodsGirlRachel
One figure: 400-700 points (Variety in prices varies on either A. Complexity of position, B. Complexity of body type (possibly). C. Clothes being included/how complicated the costume will be.) 

+Additional Figures: +200-300 points off of the original price of a single figure.

BGs: +200-300 points off of the price of a single figure.

Same thing goes for color sketches
Line Art
Free Hannah LineArt by GodsGirlRachel
Line Art:
One Figure: 800-1300 points

+Additional Figures: +300 points off of the original price of one figure.

BGs: +400 points off of the original price of one figure.
Colored Pictures
Pallet Challenge 2 watermark by GodsGirlRachel
Stay Strong, and Love Pure on Your Wings~ by GodsGirlRachel
Book of Circus by GodsGirlRachel
Angel with a Shotgun LevixRach bg by GodsGirlRachel
One Figure: 900-1400 points

+Additional Figures: +400 off of the original price for one figure.

BGs: +500-1200 off of the original price for one figure.
Colored Pictures
Jealous of the Sun by GodsGirlRachel
One Figure: 900-1400 points

+Additional Figures: +400 off of the original price for one figure.

BGs: +500-1200 off of the original price for one figure.
Plus an additional 
700 to 1300 points
Full Paintings
Full Body Paint Study by GodsGirlRachel
Widow of the Web WIP by GodsGirlRachel
WIP for new DA ID by GodsGirlRachel
One Figure: 2500-5000 points
Additional Figures: +2500-5000 points for every figure, including the original price of one figure.
BGs: +2500-5000 including the original price of one figure.
Full Paintings/Speedpaints
Levi's First Time at the Beach ~Levi Summer Contes by GodsGirlRachel
Levi painting alternate by GodsGirlRachel
Attack on Dragon by GodsGirlRachel
1300-1500 points a figure, plus 500-1900 points every additional figure, and plus 700-1900 points for BGs.
Non-Commissioned Offered Items
Paintings: 700-3200 points
Knitted scarves: 2500 points
Knitted bracelets: 700 (or 2 for 900, if offered) points
Plushies: 2500-4400 points
Chibi plushies: 
1300-2500 points
Pillows/Chibi pillows: 
1300-2500 points
Chibi Loki by GodsGirlRachel
200 points per chibi
200 points extra for every added chibi
200 points extra for any (SIMPLE) background



Invitation to... explained here~

Got the Sky in my Backpack by GodsGirlRachel
I don't 100% love how it came out as much as I did, but I like seeing how much better I've gotten since then. Plus, sometimes a work of art isn't about how well it came out, but how well you expressed an idea, or story. 

Celestial Doe 2 by GodsGirlRachel
I like how it ended up looking like there was slight action, but still graceful. And I still love the idea of galaxies as hair/fur, and hair/mane that is just like the ceiling at Hogwarts; mimicking whatever the sky does, but still able to move the same way hair does. And, on top of it, always flowing/moving on its own, just like Princess Celestia's mane in MLP: FiM. 

Cookiez Cannon by GodsGirlRachel
Randomly inspired by my friend and drawn as a random present on a random whim. It's probably got more movement in it/things happening in it than any/most of my other drawings. Funny how that worked~. 

Attack on Dragon by GodsGirlRachel
Pretty obvious that some of this was left unfinished. (the blood and red arm mostly) And old. But it's one of my only pictures that reads just as clearly to what's going on in the thumbnail as it does in the full picture. Plus, I like how the extremely contrasting colors/lighting ended up tying the whole picture together, rather than ruining it. (And dramatic anime effects ftw~)

Honestly, I watch so many people on DA, and I look up to every single one of them. ^^" I would have a hard time picking just 4 of them. (Not to mention my computer is lagging like hell from having so many DA tabs open. Ug)
So I just encourage everyone to please look through ALL the people that I watch<3 Some of them are friends, and many of them are amazing artists, popular, and "should-be-popular"
But there are some artists I have actually met, and looked up to since I was young. (I don't know if all of them have a DA, though. You can find them just by google searching them! <3)

Iain McCaig
He's both an amazing artist who does beautiful/amazing pieces, and an amazing person. If you wanna get pumped up about art, he is the #1 person to go to, and I honestly can't stress that enough. <3 Got someone that isn't passionate about art? Looking for someone to teach someone that can't even draw a stick, how to draw a person? Go. Find. This. Guy. Right. NOW. He's like an excited/hyper 5 year old that could teach an ant how to draw when it comes to art. He's freaking awesome <3 (he did the newest look for the Hulk in the Avengers, and lots and loooots of Star Wars things, btw~ Just to name a few.)

John Pomeroy
He has literally worked on everything. The Secret of NIHM, An American Tail, The Land Before Time, Winnie the Pooh, All Dogs Go to Heaven, The Simpsons Movie, Pocahontas, the FireBird from Fantasia 200, Treasure Planet, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, THE TIGGER MOVIE (you do not even understand my feelings for that thing), EVERYTHING. And he's a sweetheart. Seriously<3 

Tom Bancroft
I know for sure he's somewhere on DA~ : D He's done young Simba in TLK, Pocahontas's hair (lol), and also countless other things<3 He's a Christian, and a very sweet and encouraging guy. He's also very funny and light-hearted/uplifting around people, and very ready and excited to learn more than he already does, and share it once he's learned it himself. Very talented and awesome in general~ ;D 

^^^^^ Literally men that created my childhood. Literally. How could anyone NOT look up to these guys? 

And last, but not least, Clair Keane.
Her art will just blow you away and take you on an adventure with how gorgeous it is<3 She did art for Tangled, and Frozen, and there are so many wonderful stories that she tells about the characters with what little she was presented at times. She grew the closest to Rapunzel, and it's very easy to see why. You can tell that she is everything her art conveys, even if you hardly get to talk to her. And you can also tell that she is flawless at what she does; being an artist and a very loving mommy. <3 

And quite honestly, because the ones mentioned above, and others like them, are people I look up to? (the list could honestly go on forever. I didn't even mention Rebecca Sugar, or any MLP Artists, or LOtR artists) I find that I also watch many people that seem to have an art/personality style very similar to theirs. Even if I don't really like the content they draw very much, I follow them for their inspiring talent. Them being nice is an added bonus~<3 xD
So really, if you like any of those mentioned above, please not only look at their work, but look at those I follow. Many of them are mirrors of those above. Except younger, and putting young/fresh/different twists on it~
Or still learning to do so. UwU 

And now, an artist that I want to encourage~

Someone I HAVE to put, is :iconladyalicerius21: She has bloody amazing art already as it is. Seriously. Someone hire her as a character concept artist/costume concept artist right this instant. Sure, it's pretty clear that she's still growing and learning, and works pretty simply. But so what? For what she has/uses, her works are amAzing, adorable, and graceful. She isn't afraid to try things she isn't always sure will come out looking nice, and even if she isn't happy with it, it'll still look gorgeous. Pretty much every single piece looks graceful either with the forms, or her style.
Yet she isn't very popular, and her self confidence is a little low sometimes. Please go flock over to her and show her some desperately needed love<3 I keep forgetting to make an appreciation post for her<3
A Stroll in Midnight Woods by LadyAlicerius21  Summertime of my life by LadyAlicerius21  Ciel x Alice - Chocolate, Marshmallow? by LadyAlicerius21
Honestly, how she doesn't get lost in her intricate patterns/details/amazing clothing-folds, I will never know or understand. Let alone how she manages to put it all together in a flowy/graceful way. It's certainly a talent I wish I had<3 

And of course I have to end on the note, that no matter if you're Tom Bancroft, or my friend up here, I encourage every artist. Whatever form of art they do, no matter what level, and no matter if they want to do it as a hobby or a profession<3 

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You are Sebastian Michaelis; the demon of the crow; you are very calm and always knows what to say at the right moment. You try to take a liking to everyone around you, even if they dislike you. You love cats, because they are subline, and have soft, silky fur. You are truly loyal, and will follow or help anyone in need; more importantly your master. You would never betray a friend or hide something from anyone, but will stay distant from those who are annoying or... jerks. When in a exceedingly hard situation... you will resort to desperate measures in order to reach your goal, or for any others. You also enjoy a variety of activities.

:thumb424016934: God Loves EVERYONE Stamp by WingsUnchained Be Safe, Be Faithful Stamp by WingsUnchained Real Christianity by FCU777
I am an art freak, I love MLP: FiM especially Discord and Twilight. (DiscoLight fan, lol. But not in a weird way. ;D) H U G E How to Train Your Dragon fan, especially of adorable old Toothless! XD He so CUTE! =3 Love the books, too, and I am DYING for the 10th one! D: If ou like the movie, and think the books are a waste of time, or you haven't read the books yet, but saw the movie....GO. READ. THEM!!! If you haven't seen the movie, wether you've read the books or not...something's wrong with you. xD I love too many other books and movies to list, but once I upload some art, you'll see plenty of fanart of stuff I like. ;D Soooo...yeah! That's pretty much it! = ) I may add stuff on here, I may not. ^_^ Oh, yes....most important EVAR! D:
I am a Christian, and I love God! :D (I'm not a stupid, hypocritical, judgy "Christian," though...those people practically aren't even Christians. -_-")
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Hats by yeles Heck no, ya can't. XD <3 x3
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